Concert Venues

Pisgah-stageThis is Pisgah Brewery’s Outdoor stage where I have seen many of concerts.  (Food trucks bring great farm-to-table food as well!)

Look at their line up for spring and summer on their website:

Pisgah Brewing

Asheville cannot seem to have enough musical venues for all of the up and coming artists that wander here.  Some of my favorites are:

Asheville Music Hall

AVL music hall

The famous Orange Peel:


orange peel


Isis is one of my absolute faves in Asheville because they do everything…serve good beer, host great bands, and their brunch is absolutely amazing…a must visit!!!  BTW been around waaaay before ISIS had a negative connotation



Salvage Station on the River


Can’t say enough about this place… you can literally tube right up to the place…stay awhile, play corn hole, listen to great music, drink great beers and then return to your tubes…

Salvage Station

The Grey Eagle

Photo of The Grey Eagle - Asheville, NC, United States

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