Let’s be honest…most people do not come to Western North Carolina to shop!  But…we do have great places to browse especially in downtown Asheville.  We love that the majority of our downtown shops and boutiques are locally-owned.  They are mixed among art galleries and chocolate shops.  So you can browse the galleries, drink coffee, eat chocolate, and buy very some very interesting merchandise, all the while supporting the street musicians as you shop.

My faves are:

Hazel Twenty  The owner is a former college soccer player and had a dog named “Hazel”.  Definitely struck a chord with me…Daughter played college soccer, and I have a dog named Hazel.

Traveling Chic Boutique Asheville folks are obsessed with food trucks and now we love our traveling boutiques as well.  In addition to their physical locations, many of these stores have trucks with samples parked at festivals and breweries throughout town.

Lost and Found – don’t think they have a website, but they are at 68 College.  Another treasure!

The old Biltmore Mall has now been converted to outlets which has been a big improvement to that area of town.

And of course, Tunnel Road is still very active.  Fortunately some of the older strip malls are being refurbished with new health food stores, restaurants, and boutiques.

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